Micro Mint Monday

What is Micro Mint Monday?

Micro Mint Monday is a weekly Twitter space created to ignite, entertain, and grow the Avalanche NFT community. Every week there are two mints: a featured artist and a metapep mint.

  • Featured artist mints are public (no whitelist) and are often paid mints – but never exceed 55 pieces in the collection or 0.5 AVAX per piece.
  • metapep mints are free for whitelist holders, with a small fee for public mint that goes to helping cover our costs to facilitate the event.

Every space also has a giveaway element which may be in the form of a door prize, minting raffle, or interactive games. Featured artists will often be interviewed on the space just prior to mint – giving the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process and a peek inside the mind of the artist.

Why should I attend Micro Mint Monday?

We’re not just another mint. We are a movement.

We’ll help you discover new artists, give you a chance to participate in both free and affordable mints, win prizes, play games, and meet fun, interesting people in our corner of web3. Because Micro Mint Monday guests include some of the most prominent leaders in the AVAX NFT space, we’ll also occasionally drop alpha as well as news and analysis about current events in the Avalanche eco-system.

I am an artist and want to mint on Micro Mint Monday, what do I do?

Part of metapep’s core mission is to lift up artists while helping art-lovers find new collections and communities they’ll fall in love with. If you would like to apply to have your art collection featured on Micro Mint Monday, please take a moment to review our list of requirements and fill out an application. If you are chosen, a metapep team member will reach out to you for next steps.

Program Structure


Every Monday at 10pm EST


Twitter Space URL: space.metapep.com

Artist Spotlight Minting URL: micro.metapep.com

metapep Community Minting URL: mint.metapep.com


Follow @metapeplabs for updates and announcements:

Artist Spotlight NFT Mint

The Artist Spotlight Mint features an artist who creates a special art collection for Micro Mint Monday.


  • Single Mint Phase – Public
  • Minimum of 15 and Maximum of 55 Supply
  • We request 5 NFTs (pre-minted) for door prizes, community mint prizes, and to hold in the metapep vault for future giveaways.
  • Price Between 0 and 0.5 AVAX

metapep Community Mint

The metapep Community Mint is our way of providing a fun and interactive experience for our community members. Generally created by our in house studio we deploy a mint that we feel our supporters will enjoy. The mint typically incorporates NFT prizes provided by the artist in who did the Artist Spotlight NFT mint.


  • 2 Mint Phases – metapep Community and Public
  • Phase 1: metapep Community
    • FREE* for metapep NFT Holders
    • Snapshots taken weekly on Sundays
    • If you hold a metapep NFT on Sunday you will be in the whitelist
  • Phase 2: Public
    • Price: 0.05 – 0.1 AVAX
    • Anyone can mint
  • Collection size grows over time.
  • There will be prizes 🙂
  • * purchaser pays gas


Micro Mint Monday Artist Submission DED

Collection Size(Required)
Collection Price(Required)
Giveaway Contribution(Required)
Artist Agreement(Required)
Tell us what other chains you would be interested in minting on:
Are you interested in doing a larger collection mint and need help organizing it?