MMM Mint Details Form

MMM Mint Details

Please provide the following information about your #MicroMintMonday NFT drop. This form is password protected, you must enter the correct password to submit the form. A password should have been provided to you by a metapep representative.

"*" indicates required fields

Number of NFTs

Artwork & Metadata

  • Artwork can be gif, jpg, png, mp3, or mp4.
  • Please start numbering at 0, ie: 0.png.
  • Your artwork will mint in the order it was received, so make sure you randomize it yourself if you have similar artwork in sequence.
  • If your providing metadata in JSON format, please contact us
  • Someone will reach out to you to transfer the artwork to us, please ensure you follow @metapeplabs so we can DM you.
  • Metadata is not required to mint.
If you did not complete your metadata get the example sheet here. Please goto File > Make a copy, fill it out. Then Share (top right) > Get Link > and paste the link into this form. It does not need to be finished before submitting this form!
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.