What is #MicroMintMonday?

MicroMintMonday is the premier artist launchpad and weekly Twitter space dedicated to lifting up artists and creators. Established in Q2 2022, MicroMintMonday, powered by metapep labs, has evolved into a dynamic community that fosters creativity and provides a platform for artists to shine. Join us every Monday at 10PM ET for an immersive experience featuring artist interviews and captivating mint releases.

Over 25 Sold Out Collections

Since its inception, MicroMintMonday has been instrumental in propelling emerging artists to the forefront of the industry. We take great pride in our track record of sold-out collections and esteemed collaborations with top-tier NFT artists on Avalanche, including the highly acclaimed talents of TapTapKaboom and the visionary expertise of Scribble Warlock. By aligning with these esteemed artists, MicroMintMonday has solidified its position as the go-to hub for discovering groundbreaking talent and their exceptional creations.

What sets MicroMintMonday apart is our unwavering commitment to innovation and the incorporation of gamification into the minting and collecting processes. Powered by the developmental prowess of metapep labs, we have redefined the art acquisition experience by introducing leaderboards and offering enticing prizes for top-performing participants. Our gamified mints have captivated our community, injecting an element of friendly competition and heightening the excitement surrounding the acquisition of unique artworks.

A community event, held weekly.

Within our vibrant community, artists, community managers, and developers converge to engage in stimulating discussions and collaborative endeavors. Our "Open Mic" spaces provide a welcoming platform for members of the community to showcase their projects, share ideas, and pursue their creative aspirations. At MicroMintMonday, we are dedicated to cultivating a supportive environment where creativity flourishes, and lasting collaborations are forged.

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