How Staking Works

By participating in NFT Staking, users commit their NFTs to the platform for a designated duration and become eligible for rewards such as tokens or other incentives. This incentivizes active engagement and loyalty within the project's community. Additionally, staking pools and governance mechanisms within the platform enable stakers to have a voice in project decisions, promoting decentralized decision-making and fostering a sense of ownership.

Benefits of NFT Staking

NFT Staking Platforms provide a multitude of benefits. They drive community engagement by incentivizing participation and rewarding loyal members. The commitment of NFTs to the platform also enhances liquidity and market stability by reducing sell pressure and creating a more balanced trading environment. Moreover, staking adds utility to NFTs, increasing their value and attractiveness to collectors and investors. The governance features of NFT Staking Platforms empower community members to actively shape the project's future direction, creating a decentralized and inclusive ecosystem.

Boost Engagement

By implementing an NFT Staking Platform, projects can boost community incentives and foster engagement and loyalty among participants. The platform's appeal attracts new users and investors who are enticed by the opportunity to stake their NFTs and earn rewards. This organic growth strengthens the project's community and overall presence. Additionally, staking adds utility to NFTs, driving demand and increasing their desirability for collectors and investors. Lastly, staking pools enhance token liquidity, facilitating trading and market efficiency.


Both options are available, and metapep can help guide you on which one is best for your strategy.

Yes, users can lock their NFTS for a specific period of time and recieve the tokens in advance as an incentive.

This depends entirely on your tokenomics model. Emissions can be adjusted to whatever fits your specific structure best.


What's Included

Smart Contract

Smart Contract

List NFT's for sale, buy and make offer functions, accept any ERC-20 token, and much more.

Frontend dApp

Frontend dApp

Front end enabling users to connect with their wallet and purchase NFTs for sale. IPFS universal gataway and image indexing options available.



Make it your own, we add your logo, color scheme, typography, and icons.



Deployment of smart contract and dApp code. Also includes testing, training and support.

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